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[INFO] Information
Hello @everyone!

     Everyone who is currently on the forums has been given the link by myself. Please just search around, find any bugs, any glitches and/or whatnot, MyBB is very sketchy at times so just making it as clean as you can.

     Registered > Forum Tester

    Requires 3 posts & 1 hour online-time

     • Registered - Default Rank upon registering.
     • Aviator - Rank specifically for any aviation enthusiast or current student/pilot.
     • Forum Tester Rank given to users whom have been asked to assist in the progression of the website.
     • Moderator - Users who assist in the content control and helping all users.
     • Administrator - Members who are alongside myself creating and managing the forums and staff.
     • Founder - Rank specifically for the webmaster/owner.

      All information about the website can be found on any of the pages. I can personally be contacted at Please do report anything you see. =)

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